Andrew Borowiec | A Strange Sense of Emptiness

Andrew Borowiec, Rue Droite, Tourettes, 2009  (Image courtesy Sasha Wolf Gallery)
Andrew Borowiec, Rue Droite, Tourettes, 2009

Andrew Borowiec at Sasha Wolf Gallery

Andrew Borowiec spent several weeks between 2009 and 2011 in explorations of the hill towns of the Provence region in France where he grew up. On search of the lost landscape of his childhood, he returned to his family’s home.  Borowiec uses a medium-format, 6 x 9 camera to photograph the quiet villages at night.

Bowowiec has captured the strange sense of emptiness that such picturesque villages can have, in our era where they survive more as images of themselves than as functioning human habitats. Like photographs, such villages give vicarious access to a distant reality – the past, in their case. Blake Gopnik


Andrew Borowiec: Provence Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York January 14-February 22, 2015

via   the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik  | (Image courtesy Sasha Wolf Gallery)