Viviane Sassen, from the Umbra series. Shot in the Namibian desert.
Viviane Sassen | Umbra

In “Umbra”, shot in the Namibian desert, Viviane Sassen plays with the interaction between reflections and refractions of colored glass panes. The sublime interaction of form and color resembles the Russian Supremacists, with sky and sand being the canvas, while light is the paintbrush.

Laurent Chéhère, Le Petit Journal from the Flying Houses series.
The Flying Houses by Laurent Chéhère

Parisian buildings floating weightless to New York.
French photographer Laurent Chéhere creates charming, whimsical images of flying houses based on his strolling in the hidden neighborhoods of Paris.

Photo London Lineup announced

The organizers of Photo London, a new fair that will take place at Somerset House from May 21–24, announced a lineup of 68 prestigious galleries.