The faces behind the Library, Samui

Tirawan Songsawat & Kasemtham Sornsong

The Library, Samui, is among the few resorts that come with a unique idea and a clarity in design that can stand any competition. The concept beyond the Library is as simple as it is charming.

“Tirawan and I wanted to produce something where the story itself was at the root of the concept,” Kasemtham Sornsong

The very heart of the Library is based on the notion that all you need to enjoy a wonderful trip are beautiful, comfortable surroundings and a good book. Consequently books are the leitmotif, be it by fitting names like content for the foyer, room numbers in pagination or the minimalistic sculptures of reading folks all over the place.
Not to mention that the Library literally comes with a library.

“Simple decor doesn’t mean there is no design. We wanted to give the guests something they don’t have at home: space to think and use their imagination.” Tirawan Songsawat

This video introduces the two driving forces behind one of the finest art resorts in the world.

video by Austronaut magazine for Design Hotels as part of their series Made by Originals