Deluxe Balcony | A black net for the bride-to-be.

Inside the Deluxe Balcony room. The interior design reflects a traditional Thai belief by having black net around the bed, a symbol of a newlyweds in Northern Thailand. photo: the art resort.
The Deluxe Balcony rooms are the perfect choice for honeymooners and loving couples. The interior design reflects traditional Thai belief of a bride-to-be having a black net around the bed.

Muang Kulaypan | A cozy nest for honeymooners.

The core element of the interior of the Deluxe Balcony, a King size double bed protected by a black net, is inpired by the Thai belief that such a net is a symbol of the newlyweds. A macical cocoon in a sensual design.

The Deluxe Balcony at the Muang Kulaypan beach resort. A view from the balcony’s wide day bed with coconut palms reflecting in the window. photo: the art resort.
Blue reflections of the garden palms in the window of the Deluxe Balcony at the Muang Kulaypan. A view from the balcony’s wide day bed.

Let the ocean breeze in…
Deluxe Balcony rooms are located on the upper floor and offer amazing views to the garden, pool and ocean.