A Giant Plus Shaped River Pool

Rad: A +POOL Party at the Ace Hotel New York

Sometimes architects just need to do rad shit — and not only when they’re asked. Designed by Family and PlayLab, the +POOL, a floating, water-filtering pool in the East River, fits in this category of awesome stuff no on asked for, and they are taking their message to the streets. “Doing Something Big When No One Asks You To Do Something Big” is an installation about +POOL and the impetus behind it, and will be at on view Ace Hotel New York from February 5 – March 1, 2015. Since its inception, the brains behind +POOL have focused on making its process as fun and engaging as possible, and this time around they will present floor-to-ceiling wall drawings visualizing it from inchoate idea to a full-fledged plus-shaped swimming hole, sharing some of the interesting discoveries and anecdotes to date. “The overall project of +POOL is as much about building a whole new place for people to swim in clean river water as it is about finding a whole new way to bring big, public, ‘nuts’ projects from coffee-shop idea to full fledged holy-shit-I’m-swimming-in-a-giant-plus-shaped-pool-in-the-middle-of-the-East-River-right-now,” said +POOL founder Archie Coates.

|via architizer