Freedom Cove | A Floating Fairy-tale

A Canadian Couple Created A Unique, Floating, Self-Sustainable Home

Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King have live in a floating home made of 12 platforms in Cypress Bay, British Columbia. The abode is completely off-grid, off-land, and off-the-chain as far as float homes go. Built in 1992, the property includes five greenhouses, a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse tower for guests, a generator shed, and a studio where King and Adams live. The couple and their two kids are completely self-sustainable, eating whatever King grows in her garden as well as the seafood that Adams catches fresh from the ocean.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, their turquoise and magenta painted abode —called Freedom Cove is an incredible work of architecture, design, and pure fun.  During their free time, Adams, 66, carves and sells sculptures, while King, 59, focuses on painting, dancing, music, and writing.

From June to September, the family also welcomes tour groups to their home so that visitors can experience firsthand the beauty and creative energy of sustainable living.

| via my modern met