A cocktail bar inside a coke vending machine.

Unsuspecting customers at Shanghai’s The Press are surprised when they realize that the Coke vending machine a is the door to a beautifully designed bar.

There is an entire cocktail bar awaiting you inside this coke vending machine

Unsuspecting customers at Shanghai’s new sandwich shop The Press are often in for a big surprise when they realize that the innocent looking Coke vending machine at the corner is actually the door to a beautifully designed watering hole. ‘Considering that Shanghai has already seen its fair share of hidden speakeasy-themed bars and lounges, we decided to build suspense and break it in an entirely unexpected fashion,’ says the designer Alberto Caiola.

‘In order to maximize impact, we would need to execute the project in a fundamentally different, distinct way, building expectations and genuine surprise by creating contradictory, anachronistic aesthetics’. Visitors are spoilt for choice as they get to experience two different environments – one fun and lighthearted and the other, muted and mysterious.

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