The Sway | Bangkok

The Sway | A Beer Wall in Bangkok

The gastro bar formula – that rare alchemy between a venue that is
sufficiently fun and relaxed to attract drinkers while also delivering a
menu well-rounded enough to warrant sticking around for dinner – is
much in evidence at Sway. The owners clearly take their craft
beers seriously, while the Americana-themed menu has a few cult
favourites, particularly the signature chicken wings.

Located in the smart Thong Lor alcove that also houses Demo and Funky Villa,
Sway attracts a good mix of expats and locals.

The most novel element on show here is the self-service ‘beer wall’ –
simply identify the craft beer that takes your fancy and pour your own.
There are some interesting brews, offering a well-balanced selection
that gives plenty of space to the thriving home brew scene on the west
coast of the USA. The food is suitably rustic – any place that includes
a beer wall also needs to serve some tasty ‘dude food’. The poutine is a
Canadian classic, reflecting the nationality of the owners, and is a
messy delight; fries liberally seasoned with a choice of toppings,
whether it’s gravy and cheese, jalapeños, pork belly or grilled chicken.
If you’re planning on a long night of drinking, these punchy poutines
(B190- 210) are sure to appeal.

The main attraction on the menu, though, is the vast array of chicken
wings (six for B150, 12 for B280). The flavours on offer go well beyond
what you’re likely to find at any run-of-the-mill barbecue. Start with a
bowl of the signature Pok Pok wings seasoned Thai-style with
garlic, chilli paste and cilantro, before moving on to the Indian Spice
option, which come dusted in curry powder. You’ll have your fingers
covered in sauce in no time – it’s messy but delicious.

There are plenty more besides – try the Lemon Szechuan, the Dark
Chocolate or the Sweet and Spicy Mango. As signature dishes go, these
wings definitely warrant a return visit, if only to work one’s way
through the many attractive options.

Sway tends to be taken over by football fans at the weekends –
chicken wings, beer and live sport are a winning combination – but there
are also house DJs during the week that create a more demure
atmosphere. This flexibility is crucial for any venue trying to strike
gastro bar gold and Sway certainly has enough going for it to appeal as a
smart, fun watering hole that mixes boutique beers with bold, brassy
comfort food.

Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10 | 0 2711 6052 | 6pm-2am


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