Gotham City SF, by Toby Harriman, is a brilliant portrait of San Francisco, The City by the Bay, that goes far beyond the average timelapse imagery.

Gotham City San Francisco

A Stunning Look At Fog City

Toby Harriman  has a knack for clouds, fog and black and white photography which eventually merged into something he calls the ‘Gotham’ look.

Tom is also into timelapse and over time these two passions intertwined into the concept of Gotham City SF. Over the past years he collected and edited all the footage he shot as a freelancer to build up a Batman´s hometown at the Bay.

Together with young talent James Everingham, who created the excellent score, David Hultin (branding) and  Jordan Oram (story), he created a brilliant portrait of The City by the Bay that goes far beyond the average timelapse imagery.

Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film from Toby Harriman 

Directed, Filmed & Edited: Toby HarrimanSong: Gotham City SF (Original Soundtrack) Original Composition By: James Everingham
Branding: David Hultin
Story  Jordan Oram

See the first Gotham photo series here → Gotham City Photos

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